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Impact Trips and Charitable Works

Chicago Urban Gardens : July 2022

As a preamble to our July Altitude event we are partnering with a local organization to make an impact in the urban food desert issue.  Food deserts occur in poor urban areas with limited or no access to healthful affordable food options. Low income families and refugees are more likely to not have access to transportation so tend to be negatively affected by food deserts.

Leona Vicario : April 2022

In April 2022, the 7 Figure Foundation spent a week in Leona Vicario, Mexico, building houses and a school building. We partnered with Amor Ministries Yucatan to help the local community. 80 members of our community showed up to give 2 families the dream of an great home structure. The families were identified by Amor Yucatan, and in both cases were living in unstable structures on the properties. With our help, we were able to build hurricane proof homes that are well insulated and have doors, windows, walls, and bathrooms. We were able to donate an additional $30,000 at the end of our trip to fund 6 more houses which will be built by local crews. This will provide housing and jobs for the community. We were beyond blessed to work with them and look forward to helping them again in the future!

To learn more about this amazing organization, go here

Ukraine Refugee Work : March 2022

In March 2022 the Foundation partnered with Agape Ministries in Ukraine to help bring refugees to safety during the war with Russia.  One of our very own Foundation Board members, Kayce Tackett, had previously done missionary work with Agape and was able to connect us with them to provide real time support to an humanitarian crisis.  Another of our board member’s, Joseph Druther, was able to connect his brother-in-law in the US with them and he went over to help the work there and give us updates on how the work was progressing.  Their stories are heartbreaking and life changing.  Through the generosity of our donors, we were able to fund a van and gas to bring hundreds of refugees to safety.  The vans would then be loaded up with food and supplies and driven all day back into Ukraine to distribute to people who were unable to evacuate.

To learn more about this organization, visit their website at

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