About Us

Our Mission

7 Figure Flipping is a community of impact driven real estate investors.  In 2021, we came together to figure out how we could take the blessings we’ve been given and bless others in turn.  Out of this idea, the 7 Figure Foundation was born.  We tapped 8 of our most generous and impact oriented members to be on the board and in May of 2021 we officially launched the Foundation as a 501C3 non-profit based in Utah.  Our goal is to allow people to have a tangible, visible impact on the world by serving communities in need – whether that is with your time, talent, or treasure.

Our community responded to our call at our first fundraising event in a massive way in 2021 and we were able to raise over $200,000.  We have taken the challenge to use that money in the most impactful and responsible way out in the world.  You can learn more about our activities on our “Impact Work” page.

Our goal is to raise and deploy $1M a year to serve communities across the world in sustainable ways that have a long term impact.