Let’s Face It… Building A Thriving Business That
Generates Consistent Income Can Be Stressful
And Overwhelming.

That’s Why You Need The Best Tools In The World To Manage
Your Doubts And Anxiety, Harness Your Creativity And Power, &
Show Up As The Best Version Of Yourself Daily.

The 7-Figure Foundation is 6-week online coaching program that helps you:

  • - bring the fire and creativity back into your life & business
  • - help you manage your time to play fully in your “genius zone”
  • - show you exactly how to build a brilliant, happy, supportive team around you
  • - harness your intuition
  • - attract a tribe that loves you
  • - accelerate your income & impact in the world

Plus you’ll get tools to manage your critical mind, nurture your overworked body, experience exciting new levels of energy, vitality, and power.

Feeling overwhelmed when you wake up even though the day hasn’t even started yet

Getting beaten up by negative thoughts and not knowing how to calm them down

Feeling paralyzed by insecurity and lack of control

Feeling out of balance, out of energy, and out of options.

Feeling out of balance, out of energy, and out of options.

 Feeling a never-ending stress about money and how you will provide for yourself & those you love

Working to exhaustion and getting sick or depressed

Having everything move so fast without any clue about how to slow things down.

You work and work…and crash…and then repeat the cycle over and over again. This pattern kills your business, health, creativity, and ability to fulfill your vision.

Until you make a conscious choice to change things up, you will stay right where you are (which I know you don’t want to do).

Understand, this pattern MUST be broken in order for you to thrive.

The way to get there is...the 7 Figure Foundation training, a one-of-a-kind program that gives you proven business strategies. But, it’s truly unique because it also utilizes the wisdom of an ancient spiritual system.

Simply, it’s a potent blend of business and spirituality.

We spoke to members of our tribe and they really wanted us to share these powerful and life-changing tools… because just about every entrepreneur we spoke to did NOT know how to do what we do. So we created this training just for you.

You are ready to stop letting your thoughts beat you up

You want to develop your intuition to help you make better decisions

You want to learn true self-care so you & your business flourish

You want to access spiritual energy to support you in a healthy life and business

You want to access your inner energy source so you don’t need caffeine or pills

You want to be a model of excellence & integrity for your clients, family, & friends

You are unwilling to adopt a daily routine or new habits

You believe your health has nothing to do with your business success

You are not willing to let go of the things that hurt you

You think spirituality has no place in your business

Module #1:

Discover Your Distinct Mind- Body Type

Find out the qualities of your basic nature Learn what works for you and why Identify what throws you off balance Get tools to instantly align yourself

Module #2:

Create a Harmonized
Daily Routine

Hop out of bed excited to begin your day
Get tools that energize & ground you
Be focused, clear & happy all day long
Manage your time impeccably Bonus! Printable ebook


Module #3:

Manage Your Energy
& Mind

Go beyond your mind’s smallness Meditate to quiet your mind What to do when your mind is in a tailspin How to determine if your thoughts are true Use your breath to up your energy level

Module #4:

Craft a Big Vision Aligned With Your Core Values

Create a vision based on what’s important Why a clear big vision is key to success How your vision attracts your tribe Discover your genius zone & sweet spot

Module #5

Build a Scalable 7-Figure Business

Leverage your time to make more money The 3 most sustainable, leveraged business models Determine the model that’s right for you Easily attract your divine right clients

Module #6:

Gather a Loving Support Team

How to get top level support inexpensively Why you must give away tasks that aren’t your genius The 4 best places to post your job ads Who you need to hire and when to hire them


Access to all 12 original recorded calls led by Max to guide you through the entire 7 Figure Foundation training program.

Includes inspiring stories from participants about how they overcame business and personal challenges using what they learned throughout the training.

Specific guided meditations to quiet your crazy mind, relax your body and connect to your deepest self. Release anxiety, cultivate courage, find clarity, sharpen intuition, and more.

For those brand new to meditation and for experienced meditators.

Designed expressly for entrepreneurs, these meditations can be used for the rest of your life.

Engage with fellow participants in the 7-Figure Foundation training and The Big Vision team in a special Facebook page set up just for you.

Ask questions, get answers and support, share successes, and network.

Every month you will have LIVE access to the Big Vision Business team (sometimes it will be Jeffrey, Max, or another special guest) as we cover some of the most advanced marketing and sales strategies we're using now, get an inside peak at some of the innovative techniques that are working for us now, as well as laser coaching and question and answer segment. But above and beyond it will be a fun time and a great creativity boost to champion you, support you and keep you moving forward - in every aspect of your business.

$2,000 value

For the first time maybe ever, you will feel so awake, empowered and high-energy that every word you speak, every thought you think, and every action you take will feel like you are going toward your big vision in a massive way.

You will be well on your way to earning the income you envision. People will marvel at the confidence you emit. They will be so inspired that they will want to hire you to give them what you have.

You will become the absolute best version of you AND become a high-earning entrepreneur with incredible momentum propelling you forward in your business.

The 7 Figure Foundation Online Training ~ 6 modules ($2,497 VALUE)


Bonus #1: 12 In-Depth Recordings to Guide You Thru the Training ($297 value)

Bonus #2: Guided Meditation Course ($297 value)

Bonus #3: Membership in the Big Vision Facebook Community ($297 value)

PLUS Super Bonus: Big Vision Business’ LIVE Inner Circle Coaching Calls for Your Lifetime ($2000 value)


It includes $2,891 in very powerful extra bonuses

The payment plan makes it affordable for you

It’s a small price to pay to live your life without fear and self-criticism

You will use these tools forever to create more freedom, meaning, and love in your life

This is how you accelerate your income & impact in the world

Once you complete your registration, you’ll receive:

Instant access to the Fast Start Training (in just moments from now)

Each new module will be released when you are ready. Just complete an end of module survey and the next module is instantly unlocked for you (so you have time to implement on a schedule that works for you).

Access to all the bonuses (yay!)

How long is the training and what if I miss a week?

The 6 modules are delivered to you over a 6-week period. All modules are downloadable to your computer so you can keep them forever. You will have access to and be able to download all other segments of the training (that are not LIVE) 24/7, after you register.

When does the training start?

The moment you complete the registration form below. You’ll get instant access to the fast start training and then just complete an end of module survey and the next module is instantly unlocked for you from there so you don’t get overwhelmed.

How do I know if the training is right for me?

Simple. Do you struggle with self-doubt and self-criticism? Do you feel tired and sluggish? Do you have a clear big vision that is NOT unfolding quickly and effortlessly? If you need support in these areas, this training program is perfect for you.

Your mind can be your most powerful ally or it can be your worst enemy. For most, it’s the latter. Yet if that doesn’t change, neither will your income or impact in the world.

It’s amazing how fast your life and business can turn around when you feel totally alive, vibrant, and clear. This training gives you exactly that.

How you show up and execute in your business creates your results. Are you showing up to your highest potential? Simply look at your results for the answer. Then make your decision consciously.


Imagine looking back on your life and seeing that you didn’t achieve your dreams.

This is what happens for most people. They never learned to overcome their negative self-talk that kept them playing small. Or they simply ran out of steam along the way.

The 7-Figure Foundation training is the most empowering training in existence. The tools and practices will help you create the fuel and clarity you need to manifest your big vision and fulfill your life purpose.

If it is your heart’s desire to create a business that’s bigger than you, that generates a huge consistent income, that serves your clients in living their dreams, and makes a massive difference in the world, then...

Get the 7 Figure Foundation training. This is your time.